Hi, young brother. アーカイブ

My drawing001

Hi young bro,

I am agreement to you.I want to live in New York again, too.
As a matter of fact, a friend in New York could do it, too.
This is her web site.

I surely want to live in New York someday.
Do you like a sketch more than an oil painting?
I could understand it very well.
As a matter of fact, I like a pencil painting more, too.
It is easy to draw it in the A2 size.

As for me, a photograph from you looks forward to arriving.
It is my big joy that the person who comes to your room can have interest it
has in my picture.
PLS, give me contact without reserve if there is hope that your friend and a
business partner want a picture drawn.
Send that photograph. It is always drawn and sent.

This photograph is the work which I drew with a pencil before.


First step.

This WEBLOG is thought to want to make use of it for the information exchange with you.
If, give me contact when you can't indicate this textbook in English.
I want to examine how to solve it.
Make contact when you introduce BUSINESS BLOG to the public in English.
I will send you a comment.
First, send a reply in this if you can read this comment.
I am looking forward to your message.